Top 15 Best AI Tools for Students

Top 15 Best AI Tools for Students


Ready to give your studies a boost with a little help from the tech world? Then welcome to our roundup of the Top 15 AI for students. We all know that studying can sometimes be a real ordeal, but don’t panic! Aixploria is here to help.

Which AI sites are best for students?

We’ve unearthed some of the coolest and most ingenious artificial intelligence assistants currently available for students. With these AIs, you can multiply your chances of passing your exams and getting through school.

These tools will save you time and increase your productivity. You should see your grades improve!

So get ready to meet some AIs who will not only make your life easier, but a whole lot more fun too. So get ready for an adventure where learning is fun! Believe us, the way you study will never be the same again.

Our Top 15 AI tools for students in 2024 :

  • Tome AI: Discover Tome AI, the perfect tool for bringing your oral presentations to life with a touch of AI. Forget boring slideshows and complicated websites; here, efficiency and originality come first!
  • Ask Your PDF: With this intelligent assistant, you can turn your PDF files into a wealth of information. Ask a question and you’ll get clear answers in the blink of an eye. As an added bonus, you can convert your exchanges into PDFs so you can keep them handy.
  • FireFlies: FireFlies adds a magical touch to your meetings or lessons by transcribing, summarising and analysing everything. Whether on Zoom, Google Meet or in your classroom, this AI has everything under control, even for Microsoft Teams and Webex.
  • Mathway: It’s your maths saviour! Whether it’s simple maths puzzles or trigonometry brainteasers, this online calculator has all the answers.
  • Grammarly: Say goodbye to spelling and grammar mistakes with Grammarly. This online assistant hones your style and enriches your vocabulary, so that every text is a masterpiece.
  • Notion AI: A Notion feature that uses AI to help you create, edit and improve your content. It can automatically generate summaries, pages and even tables.
  • Perplexity AI: Your smart assistant for fast, reliable research. It doesn’t just find information quickly; it also cites its sources, ensuring that every piece of information is as accurate as possible.
  • WolframAlpha: Get clear answers to your factual questions. Mathematics, science, history, geography… It’s your personal, intelligent encyclopaedia.
  • Smodin: Immerse yourself in the world of Smodin, a site that can generate any type of text (even academic). It can also help you improve your writing style. An indispensable tool for your writing sessions.
  • SCHOLARCY: An online platform that uses AI to generate summaries of long articles and convert them into memory flashcards.
  • Deepl: Say goodbye to language barriers with DeepL! Its AI gives you top-level translations in 29 languages. Whether it’s for your courses or your academic research, DeepL is the perfect tool for translating fast and well!
  • ELI5: Curious about the world? ELI5 answers your most complex questions in a simple, fun way. Science, technology, history, culture… Everything becomes crystal clear.
  • Resoomer: Need to summarise large texts in the blink of an eye? Resoomer is your ally. From research articles to financial documents, get the gist without getting lost in the details.
  • Socratic by Google: Socratic, the mobile app that makes maths and science as easy as child’s play. Detailed explanations and clear steps to solve any problem.
  • it’s your assistant for scientific research. With its clever AI search engine, it finds the essential information in articles, provides you with sparkling summaries and tailor-made reading suggestions. Simple, fast and highly effective!

What about ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, whose reputation continues to grow, was not included in our list, and for good reason! The aim was to highlight lesser-known AI tools that are just as interesting.

Chances are you’ve already used it, but if you haven’t and you’re wondering what it’s all about, don’t hesitate to visit the ChatGPT presentation page for a complete introduction.

How can AI help you in your studies?

With AI, it’s like having a superhero in your pocket for your studies! Having trouble with maths? AI is there to turn those equations into child’s play. Grammar and writing? It will help you write impeccable texts.

As for learning a foreign language or understanding a complex concept, it will be your personal mentor. You can also create automatic summaries of long texts or personalised recommendations for your reading and research.

More effective learning

AIs make learning faster, more efficient and, let’s be honest, a lot more fun. With their fast, automated processes, they’re the ideal technology for staying ahead in your studies. What’s more, the interactive aspect of artificial intelligence means you can memorise and learn much more quickly than with traditional methods.

Precautions when using artificial intelligence

Although all these AI tools are incredibly practical and sophisticated, it is crucial to bear in mind that they are not infallible. Like any technology, they can sometimes make mistakes or interpret information inaccurately.

That’s why it’s important to adopt a critical approach and check the information provided yourself. Think about cross-referencing sources and doing your own research to confirm the accuracy and reliability of the data.

Use these fantastic tools as a springboard to knowledge, but don’t trust them blindly.


And that’s it! Our fabulous expedition to the heart of AI for studies is coming to an end. These 15 technological marvels are more than just tools, they’re essential partners in this incredible adventure of learning.

If you haven’t found what you were looking for in this list, we invite you to visit the page listing all the best artificial intelligences dedicated to education.

Good luck, and above all, have fun on the road to knowledge!

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