How to access Claude 3’s Opus model?


Unsure how to test and access Claude 3’s Opus model? Wondering where to find it? Guess what? Thanks to the geniuses at Perplexity, you now have unlimited access to Anthropic’s most powerful model.

Get ready for a truly transcendental AI experience!

Claude 3, the best AI model

Emerging from the latest innovations, this cutting-edge model is no small player. It even surpasses the performance of the famous GPT-4! But what makes Claude 3 a real AI rock star, you might ask?

Breathtaking Abilities

Its secret? A deep understanding of natural language, worthy of the greatest minds. High-level analytical reasoning. And content generation so rich it will leave you astounded! This powerhouse of capabilities opens up endless possibilities:

  • Creation of more human-like, high-level text
  • Logical reasoning worthy of a military strategist
  • Content that is impactful, stimulating, and moving all at once
  • Formidable adaptability across any field

Unlimited Claude 3’s Opus Model via Perplexity Pro

Other platforms might offer Claude 3, but none provide as free access as Perplexity. Their Pro subscription flings open the doors to unlimited use! For just a few dollars a month, you’re done with the old restrictions (8 messages/hour). Currently, for $20, you can unlock complete use of Anthropic’s most powerful model: Opus!

The Perplexity Experience, Pure Joy

But that’s not all! Perplexity AI also boasts an interface so simple it’s heartwarming. Responsive and caring technical support. And the insane possibility of combining multiple AI models (including the Opus model) for ever more explosive results! All at prices that make you want to click right away.

Other Alternatives to Claude 3? Very Few Measure Up

True, GPT-4 and others offer great performance. But nothing can match Claude 3, the true bombshell of the new generation AI! With Perplexity, you get direct and unlimited access to this little gem of technology. A golden opportunity not to be missed under any circumstances!

FAQ – Answering Your Burning Questions

Is Claude 3 Really Above GPT-4?

The experts’ answer is crystal clear: the Opus model is truly impressive! It crushes GPT-4 on key aspects such as sharp contextual understanding and the exceptional quality of generated content.

Perplexity, the Unique Access to Claude 3 and its Opus Model?

Perplexity stands out as an exception. Its Pro subscription grants you totally unlimited access to Opus, a rare feat, allowing you to exploit its full potential!

Perplexity Prices, A Golden Deal?

At the new “king of smart search”, accessibility is advocated at all levels. Their plans, including the Pro option that unlocks Claude 3, are not only very affordable but also ultra-competitive in the market. A real bargain.

How to Access Claude 3’s Opus Model without VPN and unlimited ?

The solution is straightforward: go to’s site and subscribe to one of the available subscriptions. You can then use Opus without any message limits! And all this without the need for a VPN or any complicated steps.

Reviews and Conclusion

Perplexity AI opens the doors to the future with unlimited use of the Opus model (Claude 3). This privileged access gives you an edge over your competitors… Not everyone knows yet that its use is now without limits.

Now, you know how to access Claude 3’s Opus, even if you’re in an unsupported country ! Thank you, Perplexity!

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