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Leonardo AI: powerful image and design generator


With the development of artificial intelligence, many fields have been turned upside down, particularly in the world of artistic creation. Leonardo AI is the perfect example of this transformation. With this highly sophisticated image-generation tool, creative minds can give free rein to their imagination, whatever their level of experience.

In this introduction, we’ll explore the many facets of Leonardo AI, focusing mainly on its innovative features and countless possible uses.

An image generator designed for games

Although it can create all kinds of images, the Leonardo.ai site is particularly effective for designing assets. How do you do this? By using very specific models that make it easy to create a wide variety of elements. For example: objects, environments, buildings and even scenarios.

You can also select different themes, designs, styles and moods to create a unique atmosphere for your game. What’s more, you can combine all these elements to make your creation even more unique.

AI Canvas: Master Every Pixel

AI Canvas, Leonardo AI's generative fill technique

With the new option « AI Canvas », you’ll be able to improve your photographic retouching skills tenfold! It’s a tool that lets you fill in any area of your image. As with Adobe, it works on the basis of instructions (via a prompt).

For example: you have a landscape and you want to add a house? Indicate the type of house you want to appear in your image and the AI will take care of adding it! So you have total control over your work.

3D Texture Generation: Unbeatable Accuracy

3D textures with artificial intelligence

Leonardo AI’s 3D texture generation technology reinvents the way you energise your 3D assets. Thanks to AI’s contextual understanding, you can produce textures with unrivalled precision. You immediately get enhanced files ready to be integrated into a multitude of projects. In short, you can quickly generate 3D textures and customise them with unique styles or colours.

What is the price of Leonardo AI?

At the moment, it looks like you’re entitled to 150 image creations per day, which isn’t too bad. But if you need to go beyond this daily limit, there are other plans available.

In fact, there are 4 plans: Free (0$), Apprentice (10$), Artisan (24$) et Maestro (48$).

Benefits and new features:

  • Pricing: you have access to around 150 image generations per month. The various prices are affordable.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface: Its ease of use means you can start generating images very quickly, even if you’re a newbie.
  • Ability to use an API: an API can be used and is well documented.
  • Use of the “generative fill” technique: you can quickly insert new elements into your images.

What are the best alternatives to Leonardo.ai?

The best alternatives to the Leonardo AI website are undoubtedly the following: Midjourney, Bing Image Creator, BlueWillow and Playground AI. Each of these sites works in a similar way, giving you time to try them out for free.

Conclusion and review

Leonardo AI represents a significant advance in the field of artistic creation generated by artificial intelligence. With its wide range of functions and ease of use, it opens up new creative horizons for artists, designers, game developers and many other professions. Discover the fascinating world of Leonardo AI and bring your imagination to life!


What is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI is a powerful tool for generating images and artistic creations based on artificial intelligence. It integrates a very wide range of services for artistic creation and video game development.

Who can use Leonardo AI?

Leonardo.ai is designed to be accessible to everyone, from beginners to digital creation professionals, without the need for programming skills. Please note that the site also has its own Discord channel where you can get help.

What are the main uses of Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI’s main applications include image generation, 3D texture creation, character design, asset development for video games, graphics, fashion, marketing, advertising, product photography, architecture and much more.

Is Leonardo AI free?

Yes, it’s free, but only to a certain extent. It’s called ‘Freemium’ AI, which means that you have the privilege of using it for free up to a certain point. In this case, you’ll be able to produce 150 images each month, after which you’ll have to switch to a paid package.

Is Leonardo AI compatible with mobile phones?

Yes, you can use leonardo.ai services on your smartphone using the mobile applications available. Apple users will easily find the application on the App Store and Android-branded products on Google Play (coming soon).

What tools does Leonardo AI have?

Leonardo AI includes powerful tools such as image generation, AI Canvas for editing, 3D texture generation and more complex features such as Alchemy and the Production API.

How does Leonardo AI compare with other similar tools?

Firstly, because of its ease of use, user-friendly interface and exceptional intelligent capabilities. What’s more, it’s a first-rate alternative to sites like Midjourney or Adobe Firefly.

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