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Perplexity AI: world’s most trusted AI search engine


Do you want to know how to use the Perplexity AI search engine? In this presentation, we’ll go through all the important features and even include the new ‘AI Profile’ option.

What is Perplexity AI?

Put simply, Perplexity is a powerful and intelligent search tool that lets you control where information comes from. You can ask questions and choose specific sources such as YouTube, Reddit, Wikipedia and many others.

How does Perplexity AI work?

Perplexity AI works in a slightly different way to more familiar AI tools such as ChatGPT. With this search engine, you can ask questions, but you can also choose the source of information from which you want to obtain answers. As we explained, its strength lies in its ability to search across multiple platforms at once.

A trusted search service

What makes Perplexity AI particularly interesting for research is that it provides references for each piece of information provided. Unlike other similar tools, you don’t have to search for the sources yourself. The references are included directly in the text and you can click on them to access the sources immediately.

Overview of the website

Tip: When you open Perplexity AI for the first time, be sure to set your search option to “all”.

Perplexity AI’s search options

Perplexity AI provides a number of search options to simplify your investigations and information control.

  1. Cross-platform search: You can search for information on the Internet, YouTube, Wikipedia, Reddit and much more. This allows you to obtain results from different platforms, according to your requirements.
  2. Understanding content and reference links: When provides you with information, it also includes the corresponding references. You can click on these references to go directly to the sources used. This makes it easier to verify the information and access the original sources.
  3. Checking information : Perplexity AI lets you verify and fact-check the information it provides. You can also give your opinion on the accuracy of the information, which is useful for ensuring the reliability of the results. This is a very valuable option for researchers, journalists, scientists and the world of education (students, teachers, academics, etc.).
  4. Switching between views: the site allows you to switch between different views of information presentation. You can choose to display a concise version of the text or return to the detailed version with integrated references.
  5. Source access in a pop-up window: When you consult the references of a piece of information, Perplexity AI opens a pop-up window containing the original source. This allows you to quickly consult sources without having to leave the search page.
  6. Removing unwanted sources: If you wish to remove certain sources from your search results, you can do so with a single click. So you can easily exclude sources that are not relevant or reliable. You’ll get more accurate results.
  7. Transcriptions of video sources: Perplexity AI includes transcripts and video sources in search results. This allows you to view video transcripts and check the sources used to obtain the information.

Perplexity’s Chrome extension

Let’s move on to our most popular feature: Perplexity’s Chrome extension. With it, you can ask questions, summarize a web page and customize your search box. This intelligent search engine can, for example, summarize any article for you in no time at all. So you don’t have to read the whole article.

What’s more, you can ask questions about a specific web page or an entire domain. Finally, if you click on the “internet” button, you’ll get the same enriched search system as on the web version of

The extension for the Google Chrome browser can be downloaded free of charge from ce lien

The new “AI Profile” feature

Let’s take a look at Perplexity’s new “AI profile” feature. How it works is simple: tell the AI about yourself to get more personalized results. In fact, the more information you share about how you work, the more relevant your search results will be.

Example: If you need a cover letter, the search engine takes your work experience into account and helps you to design it. You can, of course, extend this to other fields and be very creative.

Price of Perplexity AI

The best news is that all the possibilities you’ve just read about can be realized with a free account – no subscription is necessary. However, if you want even better results, you can subscribe to a “Pro GPT4” account.

Note that the current price of the pro version is $20 per month or $200 per year.

Prices offered by

Review and conclusion

In conclusion, Perplexity AI revolutionizes online information retrieval. It far surpasses traditional search engines like Google, and we highly recommend it.


How does the Perplexity Chrome extension work?

Perplexity’s Chrome extension lets you ask questions, summarize a web page and customize your search box. You can also query a single web page or an entire industry sector.

Does Perplexity AI work for academic research?

Yes, the site has a search tool dedicated to academic publications. You can enter a subject or a question and obtain answers based on scientific publications only.

Can I customize my results with Perplexity’s AI profile?

It’s perfectly possible! With the new service called “AI profile”, you can share details about yourself to get more personalized results.

Is Perplexity AI free?

Yes, offers a free account. However, if you want to get better results, you can subscribe to a GPT4 Pro account.

What are the alternatives to Perplexity AI?

Three artificial intelligences stand out in our search for a similar alternative to Perplexity AI. These are ChatGPT, GPTGO and the must-have Consensus.

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