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GPTGO: Google’s search engine with ChatGPT

Imagine a search tool that blends the proven efficiency of Google with the ingenuity of ChatGPT artificial intelligence. This is the realized ambition of GPTGO, formerly known as GooGPT. If the usual Google search seems limited and you’re looking for a more advanced tool, this next-generation search engine is the key to opening the doors to a new dimension of search.

Focus on is a no-cost search engine, harnessing the latest technological advances to deliver refined search results and immediate creative answers. By integrating the strength of Google with the potential of ChatGPT, it gives you a search experience that’s both comfortable and efficient.

How to use GPTGO

Its use is as simple as it is instinctive. Enter your query in the search bar, and the AI presents you with the most relevant results from Google, supplemented by original suggestions from ChatGPT where necessary. As a bonus, GPTGO offers unlimited access to ChatGPT.

Reasons to choose this search engine

With its reliability and intelligence, GPTGO stands out as a serious alternative among search engines. Thanks to its unique combination of Google technology and ChatGPT AI, your search is always successful, whether you’re looking for classic results or more original suggestions. It’s a free digital companion that goes everywhere with you. As an added bonus, your security and confidentiality are assured.

Improve your results and productivity

Say goodbye to blank-page anxiety with GPTGO. The combination of Google technologies and ChatGPT AI gives you a new way to search not just by keywords, but also by phrases! What’s more, thanks to its search speed and intelligent engine, this AI gives you access to sourced information in a more fluid and natural way.

A search engine with AI

Taking advantage of GPTGO couldn’t be easier. Visit the website and enter your search terms in the dedicated bar. You should then get much better results than on Google (except perhaps with Bard AI). Personalized suggestions by ChatGPT will be displayed to the right of your search page.

Alternatives to GPTGO

While GPTGO offers a unique experience by merging Google and ChatGPT AI, there are other search engines like DuckDuckGo, Bing, or Yahoo that work with artificial intelligence. Bard AI should also be able to help, as it was designed by Google.

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