ChatGPT 4.5: Release Date & Latest Rumors

ChatGPT 4.5 Rumor & realease date

In recent days, persistent rumors have been circulating on the web about the imminent arrival of ChatGPT 4.5, the new version of the conversational agent developed by OpenAI.

So, what do we really know about this eagerly awaited update? Let’s review the information that has leaked so far.

Intriguing Screenshots

It all started when screenshots of a supposed ChatGPT 4.5 product page were shared on social media and specialized forums. These images, although blurry, hint at significant improvements over the current version of ChatGPT.

Among the new features mentioned, one would find an expanded context window of 256,000 tokens, doubling that of GPT-4 Turbo. This would allow ChatGPT 4.5 to handle longer and more complex conversations while maintaining better coherence.

OpenAI Remains Silent, For Now

Despite the excitement generated by these leaks, OpenAI has made no official comment on the existence of ChatGPT 4.5. The company is known for its discretion regarding its ongoing projects, preferring to wait until the last moment to unveil its innovations.

However, some OpenAI employees have suggested that the rumors about GPT-4.5 might be the result of a “collective hallucination.” Therefore, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction in this story.

Increased Performance for ChatGPT 4.5?

If we are to believe the various sources that have spoken on the subject, the famous OpenAI chatbot would not only be faster and more accurate than its predecessor, but it would also be capable of handling more complex tasks. This would allow for an even smoother and more natural conversational experience than currently available.

Moreover, some speculate that ChatGPT 4.5 could handle multimodal inputs, such as images or videos. A feature that would open the door to new and promising applications for this AI.

Scheduled Release for This Summer?

Although no official launch date has been communicated, several sources agree that ChatGPT 4.5 could be released as early as this summer. This information should be taken with a grain of salt until OpenAI confirms the news.

Nevertheless, it’s true that competition is intensifying in the field of conversational chatbots, with the arrival of Claude AI from Anthropic (including the Opus model!) or Gemini, developed by Google.

In this highly competitive context, it wouldn’t be surprising if OpenAI aimed to make a big splash with a major update to ChatGPT.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about the upcoming version of ChatGPT:

Q: When will ChatGPT 4.5 be available?
A: For now, no official release date has been announced by OpenAI. Some rumors suggest a launch during the summer of 2024.

Q: What will be the main improvements in ChatGPT 4.5?
A: According to leaks, it would benefit from an expanded context window, increased performance, and multimodal capabilities (images, videos).

Q: Will ChatGPT 4.5 be paid?
A: Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it’s likely that OpenAI will offer paid access to this new version, as is already the case with ChatGPT Plus.

Conclusion on ChatGPT 4.5

Even though many uncertainties remain about ChatGPT 4.5, one thing is sure: its arrival is highly anticipated by the community. The improvements mentioned in the various leaks suggest a significant leap forward for this already impressive conversational AI.

Now, we wait to see whether OpenAI will confirm or deny these rumors in the coming weeks. One thing is certain, we will closely follow the developments of this exciting story!

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