AI News : TacticAI, Pika Labs, Buildbox 4 et Apptronik



Google DeepMind launches TacticAI to transform football training

In collaboration with Liverpool FC, Google DeepMind has just unveiled TacticAI, an AI system capable of advising coaches on game tactics, notably on set pieces. Using predictive and generative models, TacticAI analyzes data from previous matches to suggest optimal configurations and evaluate possible outcomes. An innovation that could well change the game in the world of soccer!

Buildbox 4, the First AI-Driven Video Game Engine

Buildbox has unveiled an alpha version of Buildbox 4, presented as the first “AI-first” video game engine. From simple text prompts, users can generate graphic assets and create complete games without coding. A small revolution for independent developers and enthusiasts dreaming of designing their own game without technical skills.

NVIDIA Presents Earth-2, an AI Platform to Predict Climate Change

At its GTC conference, NVIDIA announced Earth-2, a cloud platform combining AI and digital twin technology to predict climate change and extreme weather phenomena with high resolution and speed. A promising use case that demonstrates the potential of AI to address the environmental challenges of our time.

Pika Labs Launches Automatic Sound Effect Generation Feature

Pika Labs, the AI-assisted video creation platform, has made its new “Sound Effects” feature available to all its users. It allows for automatic or custom generation of sound effects to accompany the produced videos. A tutorial will soon be available in Pika Labs’ newsletter to help you get to grips with this handy tool!

Saudi Arabia Plans a $40 Billion Fund for AI

According to consistent sources, Saudi Arabia plans to create a $40 billion investment fund dedicated to artificial intelligence. A major initiative that would make the kingdom the world’s largest investor in this booming sector. Enough to silence the skeptics who still think that AI is just a speculative bubble!

Apptronik and Mercedes-Benz join forces to deploy humanoid robots

The American startup Apptronik, specializing in versatile next-generation humanoid robots, has just announced a strategic partnership with the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. This marks the first commercial deployment of Apptronik’s Apollo robot, as well as Mercedes-Benz’s first application of humanoid robotics. A major step for Industry 4.0!

Nvidia in Talks to Acquire AI Platform Run:ai

According to consistent sources, Nvidia is in advanced negotiations to acquire the Israeli startup Run:ai, specialized in the orchestration and management of AI workloads on GPUs.

The transaction amount could reach one billion dollars, which would make it Nvidia’s largest acquisition in Israel since Mellanox in 2019.

Based on Kubernetes, Run:ai’s solution allows for optimizing GPU resource allocation according to needs. A significant asset for Nvidia, which seeks to strengthen its software ecosystem around its AI-dedicated chips.

Groq Raises Funds to Accelerate Its Ultra-Efficient AI Chips

The AI semiconductor gem Groq is set to complete a new funding round in the next quarter, with the support of prestigious investors like Tiger Global.

Groq claims its processors dedicated to inference are 10 times faster and more energy-efficient than traditional solutions. Although recent, the startup has already deployed 4,500 chips and aims for an additional 1.5 million by the end of 2024.

An appealing position at a time when the environmental impact of AI is increasingly concerning.

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