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Unscreen: Erase the background of a video

Unscreen is an ingenious solution to change the background of a video. From now on, you don’t need any technical skills or specialized software to create professional montages. How is this possible? Well, thanks to AI of course! By extracting the main element of your video and integrating it into a new background, this AI allows you to simply say goodbye to green backgrounds.

A tool adapted to videomakers and professionals

With its clean interface, Unscreen is a really easy and intuitive online platform. Whether you’re totally inexperienced or an expert in video editing, you can remove a background in 1 click. This tool is ideal for videographers who are looking to erase a background without using a green studio background..

Software-free and automated operation

With Unscreen, removing the background from a video is possible without software, as the process is fully automated and performed in the cloud. In fact, this method avoids the use of a green background and a perfectly uniform studio lighting, thus saving time and energy.

Compatibility with After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro

For those who are familiar with video editing software (the Adobe suite for example), Unscreen plugins are available for download. Consequently, it will facilitate the integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects software.

Using Unscreen via a web browser

Even if Unscreen is a web application that does not require any software download, it is still extremely powerful and complete. As a proof, the supported video formats are numerous. For example, .MOV, .MP4, .WEBM or .GIF. Once again, artificial intelligence works wonders and makes previously very complex tasks possible.

This kind of progress allows Youtubers (and TikTok users), to easily start designing special effects. Eventually, the video offer should increase in quality and originality. However, the use, although free, is limited to 10 seconds and to a quality of rendering also reduced.

Premium subscription for more features

Unscreen Pro Price

The premium plan, Unscreen Pro, allows you to remove restrictions, access plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, and get a higher quality of rendering. The subscription is based on a monthly quota or according to your use (Pay as you go). Concerning the prices, at the moment the subscriptions are quite cheap and start at around 2$.

Alternatives to Unscreen

Although Unscreen is a great option for removing backgrounds from videos, there are other solutions on the market. These alternatives, for the most part, require advanced video editing skills. An example of a complementary service (under AI) is Remove BG, which focuses on removing backgrounds for images. There is also RunwayML which has recently offered a similar option (and other smart tools). If you want to see some examples of what this AI can do, go to this page.

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