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ThinkDiffusion: the power of Stable Diffusion in the Cloud

ThinkDiffusion is like having your own AI art lab. This site gives you all the tools you need to run art-generating AI at a professional level. As a result, you have immediate access to Stable Diffusion’s latest innovations and UI interfaces. What do you need to get all this? Just a web browser, that’s all!

The power of AI for everyone

For some time now, open source AI generators have been far more powerful than well-known market products such as Midjourney and DALL-E-2. What’s more, high-level tools often require technical skills to install components such as Python, CUDA drivers and xFormers. ThinkDiffusion simplifies these (sometimes complex) tasks by offering a powerful, no-code AI creation space.

A fairly reasonable price

Another obstacle is the price of the hardware, which is very expensive indeed. ThinkDiffusion, on the other hand, is an affordable solution that’s easy to get to grips with. If you want to run Stable Diffusion in the cloud, without spending too much money, then this is an excellent alternative. Please note that the site is compatible with Automatic111 SD 1.5, InvokeAI, Deforum or Vlad Stable Diffusion UI.

Example of pricing:

Plan : FAST A1111

  • Price: $0.50 / hr
  • More than 45 models available
  • Over 1000 images / hour
  • 16GB VRAM

Plan : RAPID A1111

  • Price: $1.50 / hr
  • More than 45 models available
  • Over 2500 images / hour
  • 24GB VRAM

How does ThinkDiffusion work?

With Think Diffusion, all you need to do is click on the launch button and you’ve got a personal supercomputer configured and ready to go. Everything is fully automated and pre-installed. You benefit directly from leading models such as ControlNet and a host of popular extensions already preloaded.

You can easily launch several additional virtual machines in different browser tabs. So you can use them all simultaneously, even from your smartphone.

Reviews of ThinkDiffusion

Now anyone can become an “AI mad scientist” without the need for a laboratory or expensive scientific equipment. Give yourself total creative freedom with Cloud!

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