How do you make an AI cover of a song like on TikTok?

Cover AI TikTok

Looking for how to create an AI cover of a famous song like on TikTok, how to make music covers with the help of AI, or simply learn how to replace a voice in a song?

Then you’ve come to the right place. TikTok’s best-kept secret is about to be revealed to you, the million viewers!

In this article, we’ll introduce you to several Cover IA generators and show you how to make a cover version of a song very easily (step by step).

Info: By the end of your reading, you’ll be able to reproduce a voice resembling that of any singer, and let your creativity explode. Beware, however, of copyright issues: we don’t recommend putting your songs online.

What is an AI cover?

Here’s a definition: an AI-assisted cover, or “cover AI”, is a technology-based method that uses machine learning. This mechanism enables the original singer’s voice to be replaced by that of another artist, even a well-known one. Using neural networks, the AI studies the original song and creates a new version that comes closer to the original.

How do you make a cover with an AI?

Creating an AI-assisted musical cover requires the use of a number of tools and services (some of which are chargeable). Here, we’re going to give you a list of sites that enable you to quickly produce a credible, realistic cover. Here are the most popular AIs you’ll need, experts in replacing voices on a song. is a free IA cover generator that lets you create musical covers. It allows you to replace the original voice with that of another singer.

Thanks to sophisticated technologies, the platform generates a new interpretation of the chosen song with the voice of the selected artist.

The interface is intuitive and easy to use. For some time now, this application has been creating a real buzz on TikTok, with many new covers being added every day.


Musicfy is another AI-powered music tool that is used extensively for making AI covers (on TikTok, for example). It’s packed with features and a really easy-to-understand interface.

All you have to do is choose music and an artist’s voice from the long list available on the site. The AI then remixes your song and creates your AI cover. To date, this is certainly one of the best cover generators.

Tip: want to use your own voice? Clone your voice directly on the site and instantly become a professional singer. is an indispensable tool if you want to replace a voice in a song. This AI will actually remove the music from your original song and isolate the voice. To put it simply, it will separate the voice from the music. The result is the singer’s acapella voice.

Although the result isn’t perfect, still produces very high quality files.

Banlab or Audacity for mixing

Finally, you can use audio editing software to refine your results. You’ll need this if you choose the method of separating voice and music. We suggest you use the free Audacity software or visit an online site such as In fact, whichever audio editor you choose, the result will be pretty much the same.

Bonus: Do a Google search for “online audio editor” and you’ll find a whole host of free software. Choose the one that suits you best.

Quick tutorial for creating an AI cover

The technique for designing a cover is easy and accessible to everyone. Even if you’re not very computer-savvy, you’ll be able to create your first IA cover in just a few minutes. Let’s get started!

1. Separate your voice from your music

First of all, you need to separate the music from the voice. To do this, go to and upload your song.

Upload MelodyML

Now you will select “Vocals + Instrumental”.

Instru + vocal MelodyML

We’ve already completed this step, so all you have to do now is click on the “Download” button.

2. Add your voice to Musicfy or


Go to and click on “Try The Beta”.


Upload your complete song (vocals + music) by clicking on the upload button.


Choose a voice from the list, add your own voice or upload a voice model.

Select a voice for your IA cover

You’re done! Press the “Let’s Go” button.


Go to and click on the green “Try Now” button.

Launch Musicfy

Select or drag your voice (generated with into “source”.

Upload Musicfy

Choose an artist from the right-hand menu under “Output”).

Press the “Remix” button to start generating your AI cover.

Your AI cover is generated with Musicfy

Info: You can also train the AI with your own voice by clicking on “Train your own AI Voice”.

3. Remixing vocals and music yourself (optional)

For those who want to go a step further, install a program like Audacity. Drag and drop your AI-modified voice and the instrumental. Superimpose the 2 audio files perfectly and you’ll get a very convincing result.

Imitate a singer’s voice

Drake, Ariana Grande and Freddy Mercury are just some of the famous singers who have been featured on TikTok’s cover AI. Right now, there’s a huge craze for singing and imitating the voices of singing stars.

On TikTok France, the cover craze doped with artificial intelligence also seems to be starting to happen, with celebrities like Bassem, Wejdene, and even the French president getting their own cover. Getting anyone to sing along to any song is now the new trend.

Alternative for making AI covers

There are many other applications and websites that have the power to generate Cover AI. We’re going to list a few alternatives to Musicfy and here. Let’s get started: Voicify, Uberduck, or Voicemod.

Want an alternative similar to to separate music from voice for free? The site VocalRemover should suit you perfectly.


How do you replace the voice in a song?

With sites like Musicfy, and The easiest technique can be found on, but this is a so-called “Beta” version.

How to clone your own voice?

You can easily clone your voice with several sites. The most popular, at present, are : Resemble, Uberduck and CloneDub.

How to replace an artist’s voice on music

The two best current sites are those presented in this tutorial: Musicfy and

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