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TinyWow : free tools to manage all your files

How to use TinyWow

TinyWow’s tools are really simple to use: you import your files and choose what transformation to do. The service is compatible with popular cloud storage sites like Google Drive or Dropbox. Once the operation is completed, upload your modified file through the link provided for this purpose. The imported files are deleted from the platform after about 15 minutes to ensure the safety of your data.

Accessibility and free

All of the tools offered by TinyWow are free and do not require account creation. The platform aims to be accessible and convenient so you can manage your multimedia files with ease.

The features of TinyWow

1. PDF file management

TinyWow offers several tools to process your PDF documents, including:

  • PDF Merge: combines multiple documents into a single PDF
  • PDF Division: separates a PDF into multiple files
  • PDF Protection: add a password to a PDF
  • PDF Compression: reduces the size of a PDF file
  • Image extraction: extract of images from a PDF
  • Convert to PDF: from PowerPoint, Word or images

2. Image management

TinyWow also allows you to easily convert your images, for example:

  • JPG to PDF
  • JPG to SVG
  • EPS to PNG
  • HEIC to JPG or PNG

3. Editing videos

For your videos, TinyWow offers tools such as :

  • Convert a video: transforms a video into GIF or WebP format
  • Crop a video: selects the beginning and the end of a video
  • Download a Facebook video: records a video posted on Facebook
  • Compressing a video: reduces the size of a video without software

Other available tools on TinyWow

The platform also offers:

  • A tool to increase the resolution of your images
  • A text generator by AI
  • A URL converter (in JPG, PDF, PNG format)
  • Converting MP4 files to MP3
  • A URL tracker

This is just a small preview. There are of course many other tools available on TinyWow, the list is impressive. If you are interested, you can find the whole list on this link. Currently, there are several hundred tools open to the public and it is completely free. No registration is required to access the many tools either.

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