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Poe: Chat with multiple AIs simultaneously

What is Poe

Poe, as an innovative mobile application, aspires to turn into a true multi-functional artificial intelligence (AI) tool. This formidable platform is distinguished by the fact that it brings together the most powerful AI models. Currently, you can use ChatGPT, Claude, GPT-4, Sage and Dragonfly (but there are many others). Its objective? To give a centralized and simplified access to these cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to Poe, it is now possible to query all these AIs simultaneously or to choose to query only one of them.

Why choose this AI?

The Poe app was developed by Quora with the goal of providing a personalized and tailored experience for each user. Each AI available on the platform has its own strengths and limitations. Depending on your specific requirements, the application proposes the most appropriate solution. For example, for solving complex problems, Claude+ is suggested, while Dragonfly stands out for the conciseness and clarity of its answers. On the other hand, if you use languages other than English, Sage and ChatGPT (3.5) are highly recommended.

Poe’s innovation

In addition to being a platform that brings together various AIs, Poe also allows its users to create their own chatbot. In other words, you can create your personalized version of ChatGPT. To do so, you just need to submit a query in the interface as if you were in a chat with a chatbot. In an instant, you have a custom bot ready to use.

Success in the making

Accessible via Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store (Android), the application is already gaining popularity. According to statistics provided by the website, the app has been downloaded more than a million times, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in gross revenue. Currently, it proudly occupies the top 30 in the Artificial Intelligence category on the App Store.

Poe Mobile Application

Interesting alternatives for Poe

As often, we are looking for alternatives or similar sites to the AIs we present to you. It is with great pleasure that we have managed to find 5 AIs that are quite similar to Poe. Here are the 5 alternatives we have selected: YouChat, StableLM, ChatSonic, HeyPI and HuggingChat

Review and conclusion

In conclusion, Poe stands out for its ease of use and its ability to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone. From now on, we can expect an even wider adoption of these technologies thanks to sites like Poe.

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