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Le Chat by Mistral AI: an open-source chatbot that rivals ChatGPT

Today, we have some exciting news to share. French startup Mistral AI has recently launched its chat version, similar to what we already know from OpenAI’s GPT and Google’s Gemini. If you’re interested in exploring this new feature, you simply need to head to the option named “Le Chat” available on the official website.

Mistral’s New Model

Exploring the documentation of the model, you’ll discover the latest launch: Mistral Large. This model is ranked as one of the best based on ML, B+M, and MLU performances. It ranks in second place when compared with other models. However, OpenAI’s GPT remains the leader in the ranking, now closely followed by the French company.

How to Try Le Chat by Mistral AI?

If you wish to try Le Chat by Mistral, simply register on their website, and you will be redirected to the ChatBot page. When interacting with Le Chat, you can choose from three types of models: Large, Pro, and Small. Each of these models has its advantages, whether it’s in terms of precision, speed, or cost. Unsurprisingly, the most popular is the most performant model, the Large!

Examples and Tests

To give you an idea of what Le Chat by Mistral AI can do, here are some test examples you can perform. For instance, ask it to create a business plan for launching a fictional company that sells lemon juice bottles. Then, see how Le Chat interprets your requests and manages to come through. You can also ask for document translations, coding functions in Python, generating stories, or even creating images. In short, it’s a quite comprehensive Chatbot that has nothing to envy ChatGPT in this regard.

The Large Model vs the Small Model

Comparing the Large and Small models, you’ll find that the Large offers better quality but takes more time to generate responses, while the Small is quicker but may lack precision. It’s up to you to decide which model best suits your projects. Regardless of your choice, Mistral AI offers a free and open-source solution.

Q: What are the advantages of Le Chat by Mistral AI over other similar services?

A: Mistral AI offers a variety of performant models, from the Large version to the Small version, to meet different content generation needs.

Q: Is Mistral AI free?

A: Yes, Mistral AI offers its services for free, making it accessible to a wide audience in search of artificial intelligence solutions.

Q: How can I access Le Chat by Mistral AI?

A: You just need to register on the Mistral platform to start using Le Chat and take advantage of its features.

Conclusion and Review

In conclusion, Mistral AI offers a new AI-based chat experience with performant and scalable models. Try it now and discover the endless possibilities it offers for content generation and much more!

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