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GPTs list & Custom GPTs Directory for ChatGPT

Discover the most popular GPTs list on the web. Explore the best custom GPTs available on the prestigious ChatGPT platform and don’t waste any time! To make sure you don’t get lost, we’ve selected the very best.

While other sites offer thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of these new-style assistants, here we’re going to concentrate on the top 10 in each category.

A huge list is great, but it’s no use if you can’t find the best ones easily. So, on this page, we’re going to focus on quality rather than quantity, and concentrate on the best!

But what is a GPT?

A GPT is an assistant that is trained via a ChatGPT interface. This involves giving instructions and specialising the AI in a particular area. Using instructions, prompts and data, you get an assistant who is highly skilled in a specific area. For example, there are GPTs specialising in cooking, SEO writing, travel and many other subjects. The limits are virtually infinite!

A free GPTs directory

Visiting Aixploria’s website is completely free, as is this GPTs List. If you’re used to browsing directories, you won’t feel too out of place, as the concept is quite similar. In fact, it’s a sort of directory, but much more dynamic! As the world of AI is constantly evolving, this GPTs directory is likely to change rapidly.

An updated GPTS list

The number of custom GPTs created is absolutely phenomenal. It wouldn’t be crazy to imagine that this number could reach millions in some time, but keeping track of all this without the help of a well-constructed list seems impossible. So on this page, we’re going to list all the GPTs that are both popular and high quality. This will save you a lot of time and considerably increase your productivity.

An ergonomic, fast and simple Gpts store

GPTs Store has been designed to be extremely responsive and easy to use. The aim of this GPTs list is to ensure that everyone can find the assistant that best suits their activity. To achieve this, the site has been divided into 3 easy-to-understand sections: the search bar, the categories and the display of and the display of customised assistants.

Quick and practical categories

In this respect, the tags and categories system should be a great help. This will speed up your searches considerably, but you can also filter results according to popularity or newness. The search bar is not to be outdone, allowing you to search in the GPTs directory in real time for a GPT likely to be of use to you, based on a keyword.

All GPTs in one directory!

All the GPTs on a single page, it’s true, but it’s above all the best custom assistants that are displayed here. Save yourself long, tedious hours looking for the perfect wizards, use the search bar and off you go on your Aixploria adventure!

How do I add a new GPT to the list?

If you want to add a GPT to the list, you can do so. Simply click on the “Add a custom GPT” button. You’ll then be able to add it easily. You will then need to provide the name, URL and a brief description of your GPT. Please note that due to the large number of requests we receive, processing times may be a little longer than usual.

Review and conclusion about the GPTs list

Because the future is clearly tending towards these hyper-specialised assistants, the creation of this list was certainly an obligation for a site like Aixploria. Time will tell if the world adopts this way of working, but it’s a safe bet that it will!

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