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Krea AI: draw with AI in real time

Krea AI is more than just graphics application software. In fact, it’s a truly creative and responsive companion! This assistant expands your creative possibilities tenfold, transporting you into a world where artificial intelligence enriches your imagination.

How can Krea AI help you?

An accelerator of creativity : No need to spend hours fine-tuning every detail. Krea AI applies instant transformations to your designs. Explore infinite variations and uncover the wonderful nugget hiding inside you.

A multi-skilled assistant : This tool is suitable for a wide range of professions, including graphic designers, illustrators, sketch artists and art lovers. You can retouch your photos, create hypnotic optical illusions or bring your storyboards to life instantly.

Increased resolution : One of the site’s most popular features is the ability to increase the level of detail and resolution of your images. So you can enhance your photos in just a few clicks.

Real-time drawing : Worried about the blank page? Krea AI lets you draw in real time and boost your creativity. Use new colour palettes or original patterns to boost your inspiration.

Artificial intelligence-assisted drawing by

Pros and cons of

✔️ Benefits:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface for beginners and specialists alike.
  • Immediate and spectacular results, for instant satisfaction.
  • A powerful tool for experimenting and discovering new trends.
  • Free beta version, to test features before upgrading to the premium version.

❌ Disadvantages:

  • Some functions are still under development and may lack precision.
  • You need to learn how to use the tool to exploit its full potential.
  • The free version imposes limitations in terms of size and functionality.

Alternatives to Krea AI

Freepik Pikaso : a similar tool with which you can also draw in real time using artificial intelligence.

DRAWWW : AI-assisted artistic creation tool with a wide choice of styles and methods.

Magnific AI : Improve the resolution and pixel count of your image. This AI also lets you add details to your illustration, such as textures or elements.

Questions, answers and FAQs

Is Krea AI easy to use?

Krea AI is designed to be accessible to everyone. Its intuitive interface and detailed tutorials make it easy to learn.

Could this AI replace human creativity?

It provides suggestions and possibilities, but the final choice and artistic interpretation remain the prerogative of the user.

Is free?

A free beta version is available with limitations. A paid premium version gives access to all features.

What is the price of

The website offers 2 price plans: the Free plan ($0) and the Pro plan ($30/month).

Conclusion: Krea AI, a call for bold creativity

The Krea AI solution is an incentive to explore new areas of creation, a real asset for your imagination. Whatever your level of experience or skill, this AI is a gateway to a world of unlimited possibilities. Don’t waste any more time, unleash your creative potential and let AI guide you on this exceptional artistic journey!

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