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Ezilee: practical and innovative AI tools

As you probably know, despite its many advantages, using ChatGPT and consort alone presents challenges that can hinder its effectiveness:

-Hallucinations: Generated responses that bear no relation to reality or the context of the discussion.
-Repetitive turns of phrase: Excessive use of certain grammatical structures can lead to a feeling of repetition.
-Limited creativity: A tendency to stay on the beaten track, without coming up with new ideas or innovative turns of phrase.

Ezilee is a French start-up offering a unique method for solving these problems.

Ezilee uses a multi-model approach. In other words, instead of relying on a single AI model, Ezilee combines different models into a single application, allowing each model to offer its unique strengths. This creates an environment of AI competition and collaboration, where each model strives to produce the best results, while collaborating to improve overall efficiency.

This places the user in the position of conductor, overseeing and guiding these models to achieve optimized, tailor-made results. This method makes the tool all the more efficient and precise, delivering results superior to what could be achieved with a single AI model.
The text models available are : GPPT 3.5 , GPT 4, Claude 1 and Claude 2.

In addition to these templates, the site offers 7 image creation templates within the same subscription.

Unleash your creativity instead of locking it away with Ezilee.

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