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Codeium: the world’s most popular AI code assistant

Have you ever been faced with the daunting task of writing code from scratch? Do you know how long it can take, whether your project is large or small? To that end, Codeium is a must-have solution that helps you save time and energize the way you code.

A platform dedicated to developers is an artificial intelligence designed to make the (sometimes trying) lives of developers easier. This AI tool is capable of producing high-quality code quickly and efficiently. How is this possible? Well, thanks to intensive training with billions of lines of code! As you can imagine, this powerful AI has a wealth of experience in coding and computer language.

Interesting Codeium features

One of the outstanding features of the Codeium site is the range of extensions available for popular text editors and IDEs. Whether you use Neovim, Vim, Android Studio or Emacs, you’ll be pleased to know that an extension is available to integrate your code (effortlessly) into these.

Codeium interface

Browser extensions and compatibility

In addition to the code editor extension, Codeium also offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. For data scientists or machine learning engineers, it’s good to know that this AI is compatible with Jupyter Notebook and Google Colab.

Codeium extensions

Codeium vs. Github’s Copilot

Of course, Codeium is not the only artificial intelligence on the market to practice autocompletion… The most popular alternative, Copilot from, has its advantages, but at a cost. Copilot requires a Github subscription. Codeium, on the other hand, is completely free. While it may not offer all the features of Copilot, it’s still a powerful tool to help you code faster and increase your productivity.

Free and diverse programming languages

The main advantage of is clearly that it’s free. There are no hidden costs or additional fees (except for the enterprise version). What’s more, you can generate code in a variety of programming languages: Python, Java, JavaScript and some twenty others.

Codeium Price

Concluding remarks

This site is an undeniable asset if you’re a developer and want to work faster. The autocomplete and coding help system will considerably reduce the number of hours you spend sitting in your chair. For that reason alone, it’s a must-have!

FAQ: frequently asked questions and answers

Who supports this code assistant?

It integrates seamlessly with: Docker, C++, CLion, Google Chrome, Android Studio, GoLand, IntelliJ IDEA, C, Python, PHP, Neovim, Google Colab, CSS, Emacs, Deepnote, Databricks Lakehouse, Go, HTML, JavaScript, Jupyter Notebook, PostgreSQL, PyCharm, PhpStorm, Java, C# and many more.

What language is this AI available in?

Codeium currently supports English.

How to contact Codeium

The site not only benefits from online support, but also has a strong presence on social networks.

Is Codeium free of charge?

Yes, this website is free, but it has a special plan for startups.

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