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Suno AI V3: Best AI Music Generator with Speech (voice)


Suno AI, formerly known as Chirp AI, is the latest “text-to-music” AI version produced by Suno company. With this site, you can generate complete songs with music and lyrics (AI voice). The new V3 Alpha version is even more exciting, adding new features and really interesting musical styles.

Current Version of Suno AI

First off, know that version 3 is still in the Alpha phase. Therefore, this AI music generator is still being tested and improved and is only available for professional and premium users. But don’t worry, this musical AI will be accessible to everyone once finalized.

New Capabilities of Suno AI V3

V3 introduces an instrumental mode, but the custom mode is still as impressive. You can easily switch from one creation mode to another and experience an original musical experience. Let’s not forget the options for merging clips and creating covers, which remain popular!

Creating Songs with Chirp AI

Suno AI site interface

You can create songs in any style: classical, pop, reggae, hip-hop, rap, rock, and much more. Let your imagination run wild, and Suno AI V3 will take care of the rest. Indeed, the voice generator (powered by AI) will automatically sing your composition without you having to do anything special.

What is the Best Alternative to Suno AI?

The best alternative to Suno AI is currently the AI offered by Riffusion. It has similar options and can generate music with lyrics in moments.

Review and Conclusion

If you’re a musician, this AI platform is a real idea machine. As for subscriptions, they vary depending on the number of songs you want to generate per month. With the Pro version, you benefit from additional perks such as optional credits and priority queuing.

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Is it possible to modify the songs generated by Suno AI?

Yes, you can edit every element of your song, remove voices, change percussions, and customize the track according to your preferences. This allows you to create very original compositions.

What is the cost of subscribing to Suno AI?

Subscriptions and prices vary depending on the features provided. According to your needs and budget, you can choose between the free version, the Pro version, and the Premium version.

Is Suno AI suitable for professional musicians?

Absolutely. Suno AI V3 offers professional musicians a powerful AI tool to experiment with new musical styles, create demos, or find inspiration for their projects. It’s a valuable asset for anyone involved in the music industry.

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