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Discover AdCreative AI is an artificial intelligence-based tool that makes it easy to quickly create ads tailored to different platforms (especially for social networks). With brilliance, it generates thousands of visual options in minutes. The site then gives you the choice to select the right ones for your marketing or advertising campaigns.

How AdCreative AI works

The AdCreative site is easy to set up and use: you choose your brand, logo and colors, then select the desired display sizes. AI then takes care of designing your ad. The site is really comprehensive as it offers a catalog of over 15 million free, high-quality images.

Who can benefit from AdCreative?

1. E-commerce stores: e-commerce companies need to present their products in an attractive way to capture the attention of customers.

2. Advertising agencies: allows agencies to generate an unlimited number of options for their clients. This way, you are sure to find the perfect ad creation.

3. Startups: Startups can also use it to promote their brand and attract a wider audience. With the many features that this AI has, businesses can create ads on social networks and increase their sales.

Creating ads in a few clicks

This next-generation AI simplifies ad creation by asking for just three pieces of information: company name, logo and color scheme. Then, you select from two formats: one suitable for social networks and the other for stories. The resulting image of your ad can be downloaded from your computer or selected from AdCreative’s image library provided.

Powerful and personalized ads

The tool generates multiple ad campaigns based on the criteria and elements provided, ranking them by performance. assigns a confidence score out of 100 based on data from advertisers. For more accurate results, it is recommended to connect your Facebook Ads and Google Ads accounts to the AI.

Publishing and optimizing ads

Ads can easily be published directly to Google and Facebook or simply uploaded. In reality, the more the tool is used, the more it knows about the audience and the more accurate it becomes in designing your ads. In a way, it gets to know your audience and your customers. By default, the site stores all creatives in the cloud, eliminating storage and file size concerns. pricing

AdCreative is offered at different pricing plans that can vary greatly depending on your needs. Current prices and plans are: Startup $21/month, Professional $141/month and Agency $374/month.

Alternatives to Adcreative AI

Because it’s always good to have choices, here is a list of alternatives for your future designs and marketing campaigns: Abyssale, Marketingblocks AI and Bannerbear.

Review and summary

The site is as we have seen, simple to use and generates really relevant ads. The ranking of ads with a performance index is a real bonus for advertisers and marketers. In short, this artificial intelligence tool saves a lot of time. Targeting your customers on social networks is no longer as complex as it used to be.

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