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Moemate: create and chat with realistic AI characters

Moemate is an AI Studio which lets anyone create and chat with Embodied AI characters of varying personality, character and skills. It could be fictional or you can even clone voices, images and conversation style of a person to create AI clones. You can talk to these bots across devices via voice and text.

Some technical details

Basic Skills include Screen perception, the ability to search the web, Image and selfie generation. We support 9 premium LLM models including GPT 4 Turbo, GPT 4, and Claude v2.1 and v2.

Currently, Moemate have 32+ image and selfie generation models. There is support for over 100+ languages with multiple voice models. We support 2D/3D avatar models of any kind since we have integrated Ready Player Me,, and Vroid Hub. Our distinguishing features include Voice cloning and LORA training.

Many features coming soon

We have a lot more exciting features coming soon which include summarizing and responding to emails, commenting on markets, setting reminders, play games, integrating with Twitch, TikTok, Spotify, discord, and much more.

Since we have 3D characters with moddable animations, the characters can also be extended into 3D environments (AR, VR) and games.

Moemate is now also available on mobile

The app is currently present as a web app at which works across desktop, iOS and Android.

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