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Metkagram: Language learning with flashcards

Have you ever felt that, despite your basic knowledge of foreign languages, there was something missing from your more advanced skills? That’s where Metkagram comes in, your language learning assistant supported by artificial intelligence, which promises to boost your progress towards advanced elocution.

Unlock all your linguistic potential

Is your progress stagnating? This platform offers you dynamic progress thanks to cutting-edge learning tools. Metkagram’s distinctive grammar tags break down linguistic subtleties to triple your learning speed.

English Grammar Demystified!

Grammar, often seen as a challenge, becomes child’s play with Metkagram. Whether you’re trying to understand tenses in English or conjugations in German, the application breaks down difficult rules into manageable chunks. The site’s mnemonic cards also make it much easier to progress.

Missing a Language? Let them know!

Metkagram adapts to its users. If the language of your choice is not included in the application, the site encourages you to point this out. They are committed to continually enriching their offer.

A Clean Approach to Grammar

The Metkagram application reinvents the study of grammar by making it accessible. Coloured markers make learning complex structures intuitive.

Keep Your Learning Organised

This AI puts you in charge of your learning. Insert texts of your choice into the application and benefit from meticulous annotation that makes your linguistic adventure personal and enjoyable.

With language cards, you can keep your study materials organised and ready for revision. Each card is a mini-kit, filled with annotated texts, translations and key phrases.

Treasures of the Metkagram Library

The library, filled with resources compiled by other learners, invites you to enrich your knowledge of languages without the burden of preparatory work.

Classified by theme, the Metkagram library facilitates a targeted and effective approach to language learning.

Tips & flashcards with Metkagram

The site includes a series of practice cards to reinforce the concepts you have learned. To progress, start by subjects that you passion, practice regularly and look for feedbacks to improve your linguistic mastery.

Achieve Goals at the Metkagram Academy

In addition to the traditional methods, the course offered here offers certifications that recognise your skills.

Learning on smartphones too goes with you wherever you go, with compatibility on a variety of devices, making learning flexible and mobile.

Free and Premium packages

  • Metkagram Start: Free access to get you started, with basic functionality.
  • Metkagram Plus: An enhanced experience with advanced features, available by subscription.


If you’re a language student or a professional looking to improve your language skills, you’ll find Metkagram an invaluable ally. Get started today and explore how artificial intelligence can lead you to superior language proficiency.

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