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Fordi: The Digital Bridge to Transparent Professional Assessments

In today’s professional ecosystem, in-depth knowledge of employees and customers is proving crucial. It’s with this in mind that the Fordi online platform stands out, offering a space dedicated to anonymous assessments between colleagues or vis-à-vis customers.

An anonymous platform for candid feedback

Fordi enables professionals to freely express their opinions about their peers or customers, without fear of repercussions. This principle of anonymity encourages frank communication, essential for the development of a healthy working environment.

An Empowerment Tool for Employees

Fordi gives employees the ability to value good work, raise concerns and initiate feedback, without going through the hierarchy. This autonomy contributes to a positive corporate culture and better understanding between colleagues.

Leveraging AI for Relevant Insights

The platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze feedback and extract insights in a matter of seconds. This speed of analysis enables prompt reaction, promoting continuous improvement.

Fordi, a Valuable Aid for Professional Decisions

Whether looking for a new job, evaluating a potential candidate or a service provider, Fordi offers itself as a decision-making tool. The opinions collected guide professionals towards informed choices, optimizing professional relationships.


Fordi stands out as a digital companion of choice for anyone operating in the professional world. Its ability to provide authentic feedback and rapid analysis makes it an undeniable asset in building a harmonious and productive working environment.

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